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We are Willowmoon, a three-piece (and growing) dark metal band hailing from London, UK. Our first E.P. "Mechanical Animals" was released on on June 11th 2013 and is available below as a free download and we are currently producing our full length debut album "Bestial Cities".

The "Mechanical Animals" E.P. - OUT NOW

Mechanical Animals CD artwork by Ian Cox

Our first E.P. is available in digital format as a free download and was released on Tuesday, 11th June 2013. There is also as a very limited run of CD Digipak promo copies.

The tracklist for both formats is as follows:

  1. Mechanical Animals (Single Edit) [04:17] (Download MP3)
  2. Futile End of Days [05:58] (Download MP3)
  3. Mask of God [04:58] (Download MP3)
  4. Mechanical Animals (Album Version) [05:22] (Download MP3)

Download all as a .zip file (~50MB)

We are working on full distribution across other channels. Stay tuned for more details. In the mean time please feel free to head over to our official Facebook or our official Twitter - we may just be giving a few copies of the Digipak version away!

Band Line-up

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor

Vocals, Programming and addtl. Guitars

Lewis Hoadley

Lewis Hoadley

Guitars and addtl. Programming

Matthew Hayman

Matthew Hayman

Bass Guitars

Listen to our tracks

You can hear all the songs from our upcoming E.P. via our official SoundCloud page below.

Watch the "Making of Mechanical Animals"

Band Biography

Willowmoon was a project originally conceived in early 2010 by lead vocalist and writer Jay Taylor, who spent most of the first year trying to make a guitar sound that didn't sound like it had been run over repeatedly - eventually resulting in a handful of rough demos.

Turning to his long-term adviser on all things metal, Lewis Hoadley, plans were made to produce four of the songs as a demo CD. However the writing didn't stop, and it quickly became apparent there was a potential full album in the works. Bassist Matt Hayman then joined the project to assist in the many (oftimes drunken) writing sessions.

By the end of 2011 the aforementioned first album (entitled "Nature") was written, but the feeling was there that the 'true' sound for what would become Willowmoon had not yet been fully uncovered. 35 songs later in November 2012, the sound was well and truly established and ready to prepare for release. The results are heavy yet melodic, sorrowful and contemplative, and thoroughly dark in tone.

The first E.P. "Mechanical Animals" provides the first glimpse down the increasingly gloomy road we have begun to trail. The cynical and sarcastic themes of the title track soon give way into hints of the darker aspects to follow on the debut album as its companion tracks progress.

The night approaches, and the Willowmoon rises high.

Contact Willowmoon

If you would like to get in touch with us for more information, press kits, gigs, interviews or even to join the band (yes, we're hiring!) then please get in touch with us via e-mail:

We will, of course, respond to you as soon as we can!